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About us

Located in the Rionegro valley near Medellin, Colombia, at an altitude of around 7200 feet above sea level and an average temperature of 64°F (18°C ), FLORES DE ALTAGRACIA is one of the largest Calla growers (Zantedeschia sp.) in Colombia. Our emphasis on quality has led us to become one of the most trusted names in the US.


With more than 14 varieties, 9 colors in our portfolio, and 20 years in the market, we strive to meet all our customer's needs and are delighted to have you interested in our products as well as our great service. If you are seeking a trustworthy partner who can maintain a year-round supply of fresh Colored Callas, just accept a sample box from us that can be shipped at your earliest convenience and you will prove all that has been previously said.

We produce and market flowers of various and exclusive varieties, supplying and positioning ourselves in different markets.
We work for the satisfaction of our clients and partners while providing well-being to our collaborators.
Our business is profitable, sustainable, competitive, and innovative.

In 2025 we will be leaders in the different markets we attend, recognized by the quality and beauty of our exclusive flowers and foliage.
Our practices and processes will continue to increase our competitiveness in products and markets, for sustainable and socially responsible development.

Quality: our flowers express natural beauty as a result of professional, delicate and detailed treatment at all stages of their development.

Service: we have permanent contact with our clients to meet their needs in a timely manner, we deliver our product to full satisfaction and we faithfully fulfill all our commitments.

Environmental responsibility: We comply with environmental regulations and create culture in our collaborators to carry out tasks in the best agronomic conditions that operate benefits to our products, customers and the environment.

Compliance: our processes are executed under parameters of efficiency and effectiveness, we carry out tasks optimally, we achieve the promise of delivery to our customers, in quantity, quality and time.

We act in an ethic, honest and respectful way.

We decisively comply with our duties and tasks and act accordingly with all our company policies.

We take on any task that aims to achieve development and sustainability.

We put our heart into everything we do; we are warm hearted, enthusiastic, kind and efficient people.

Our reason to be are our customers; we direct all our efforts to satisfy our customer's needs and greatly value their loyalty.

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